Is Digital Signature Mandatory for GST?

IS Digital Signature Mandatory for GST ?: A digital signature certificate (DSC) is an electronic document that contains a digital signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of an individual or organization in electronic transactions. It is in the form of digital and the same is equivalent of a handwritten signature.

A DSC is issued by a certifying authority (CA) after verifying the identity and credentials of the applicant. It is a secure and tamper-proof way of signing electronic documents, and it ensures the authenticity and integrity of the document.

What are the types of Digital Signature Certificate?

  1. Class 1: This type of DSC is issued for email communication. It verifies the email address and username of the sender.
  2. Class 2: This type of DSC is issued for company registration, income tax filing, and other e-filing purposes. It verifies the identity of the signer against a trusted database.
  3. Class 3: This type of DSC is issued for high-value transactions, such as e-tendering and e-auctions. It requires the applicant to appear in person before the certifying authority and provide physical identity proof.

Currently class 3 digital signature are issued by the authority and other 2 classes abandoned by the authorities. So when ever you will apply for dsc token online then you will get a class 3 DSC Token.

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Is DSC mandatory for GST?

Yes, a digital signature certificate (DSC) is mandatory for certain types of GST registration applications and for filing certain types of GST returns.

A DSC is mandatory for:

  1. Companies or LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships) applying for GST registration.
  2. GST returns filed by a company or LLP, as they are required to be digitally signed.
  3. Any other person who is required to get their accounts audited under the GST Act, as they are required to file their audit report using a DSC.

However, a DSC is not mandatory for:

  1. Individuals applying for GST registration.
  2. GST returns filed by an individual, as they can be filed using a digital signature or electronic verification code (EVC).

How to Register DSC on GST Portal ?

Step: 1 Log in to the GST portal using your user ID and password.

Step: 2 Click on the “My Profile Tab” tab available on the right top corner and then click on “Register/ Update DSC”

dsc registration on gst portal

Step-3: Click on the “Register/Update DSC” option from the drop-down menu. (Make sure to download the dsc signer utility on your system).

Step-4: Click on the “PROCEED” button.

Step-5: Select the “New Registration” option if you are registering a DSC for the first time, or select “Update DSC” if you are updating an existing DSC.

Step-6: Fill in the required details such as PAN, email address, and mobile number.

Step-7: Click on the “PROCEED” button.

Step-8: In the next screen, select the type of DSC (Class 2 or Class 3).

Step-9: Choose the certificate file (.pfx) and enter the password.

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Step-10: Click on the “UPLOAD” button.

Step-11: Once the DSC is uploaded, you will see a message “DSC has been successfully uploaded.”

Step-12: Click on the “CONTINUE” button.

Step-13: Enter the DSC password and click on the “SIGN” button.

Your Digital Signature Certificate is now successfully registered on the GST portal.

How to File GST Returns with DSC?

  1. Log in to the GST portal using your user ID and password.
  2. Click on the “Services” tab and then click on “Returns” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the type of return that you want to file (such as GSTR-3B, GSTR-1, etc.) and click on “PREPARE ONLINE.”
  4. Fill in the required details such as sales and purchase details, tax liability, and input tax credit.
  5. Once you have filled in all the details regarding the gst sales then simply click on the “SAVE” button.
  6. Click on the “VALIDATE” button to ensure that all the required fields are filled in correctly.
  7. Click on the “SUBMIT WITH DSC” button.
  8. Select the DSC that you want to use for signing the return from the drop-down menu.
  9. Enter the DSC password and click on the “SIGN” button.
  10. Once the return is signed using the DSC, a success message will be displayed, and an acknowledgement receipt (ARN) will be generated.
  11. Download and save the ARN for future reference.

How To Apply For DSC Online?

To obtain a DSC, the applicant needs to submit an application along with the required documents to a certifying authority. The documents may include identity proof, address proof, and other relevant documents. The certifying authority then verifies the documents and issues the DSC.

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Step-1: Click on the link to apply for dsc online.

Step-2: Fill all of your information in the form (i.e. Name, Address, Email, Mobile No. Etc.)

Step-3: Make payment online.

Step-4: Submit your documents via email

Steps-5: Get Your DSC Deliver to your door step in 3-4 working days.

It is important to note that while there are several authorized service providers for DSC issuance, it is essential to choose a trusted and reliable provider like Legal Hub India to ensure the quality, validity, and compliance of the DSC.

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