Cost Of FSSAI Registration In India 

Cost Of FSSAI Registration In India – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an Indian regulatory organization in charge of ensuring the safety and quality of food items. Registration with the FSSAI is required for all food enterprises in India, including producers, processors, and distributors. This post will look at the cost of FSSAI registration in India as well as offer an outline of the registration procedure.

The cost of FSSAI registration varies according to numerous parameters, including the nature and volume of the firm, the number of goods, and the license’s validity duration. Food permits are issued by the FSSAI to food company operators throughout India. Many food industry operators, including merchants, producers, and food shop owners, must get an FSSAI license.

FSSAI registration is equally vital for food industry operators, therefore let’s go through the different forms of FSSAI registration and how they might help business owners.

Benefits of Procuring FSSAI Food Registration

The FSSAI License / Registration will be valid for 1 to 5 years, depending on the Food Business Operator’s preference, from the date of registration or license issuance. The FBO must apply for renewal 30 days before the existing request expires. Getting an FSSAI license can bring the following benefits to the food industry:

  • Legal Advantage
  • Maintain food safety
  • Increase goodwill
  • Raising consumer awareness
  • It aids in the regulation, manufacturing, storage, distribution, and sale of imported food.
  • When an entrepreneur has an FSSAI registration, it is easier to receive money from investors.
  • FSSAI trademarks on food goods guarantee that customers receive high-quality products.
  • The registration number shown on the food establishment signifies that the establishment meets cleanliness and quality requirements.
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Types of FSSAI Registration / License

  1. Basic FSSAI License: Food Business Operators in the small-scale food industry must acquire FSSAI registration. Food Businesses having annual revenue of less than Rs. 12 lakhs must obtain a Basic FSSAI license.
  2. FSSAI State License: Manufacturers, storage, transporters, merchants, marketers, distributors, and others must have State FSSAI permits. Each state’s concerned State Authorities issue this license. For food enterprises to get a State FSSAI license, annual sales must be greater than Rs. 12 lakhs but less than Rs. 20 crores.
  3. FSSAI Central License: The Central FSSAI license is granted by the FSSAI Regional Offices located throughout the country. This FSSAI license will be valid for 1 to 5 years and can be acquired and renewed. Food firms must have annual sales of more than Rs. 20 crores to receive a Central FSSAI license.

FSSAI Registration Eligibility

FSSAI Registration is a fundamental license that is needed for all FBOs engaged in the small-scale food sector. This category includes the following companies:

  1. Any FBO having annual revenue of less than Rs. 12 lacks.
  2. A small shopkeeper who sells food.
  3. Any individual who makes or sells food on his or her own.
  4. The temporary booth holder sells food.
  5. Any person, other than a caterer, who distributes food during a religious or social function.

Along with the following, small-scale or home-based businesses involved in the food industry:

  • Capacity for food production (apart from milk and meat) – up to 100 kg/ltr per day
  • Milk procurement, handling, and collection – up to 500 ltr each day
  • Capacity for slaughter – 2 big animals, 10 small animals, or 50 poultry birds per day or fewer
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Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

  • Completed and signed the application form
  • Photographs the size of a passport
  • Applicant’s Identity Document (Food Business Operator)
  • Property ownership documentation
  • Rent Agreement Address Proof Business Address Proof
  • Blueprint of food safety management system
  • Food products should be utilized list
  • Incorporation certificate

Procedure for FSSAI Registration

There are various distinctions between an FSSAI license and an FSSAI registration. The method for basic FSSAI registration is outlined below.

  • This registration might be obtained by applying to the Department of Food and Safety.
  • The application must be filed in Form A.
  • If the application is approved or refused, the Department will notify the applicant within seven days of the application’s submission date, in writing.
  • The registration certificate issued by the Department after approving the application would include the applicant’s registration number and a picture.
  • The Food Business Operator shall display the certificate of registration at the place of business while carrying on the food business.

Cost Of FSSAI Registration in India

  • The basic FSSAI license costs INR 100 for one year.
  • The annual FSSAI State License price ranges from INR 2000/- to INR 5000/-.
  • The annual fee for an FSSAI Central license is INR 7500/-.

Take Away

Food business operators are required to adhere to the FSSAI rules governing food industry operations. If food industry owners do not follow the FSSAI requirements, they may face a fine of Rs. 25000 to Rs. 10,00,000. As a result, you must register with the FSSAI.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Cost Of FSSAI Registration In India

Q1: What is FSSAI registration?

A: FSSAI registration is the process of obtaining a food license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This license is mandatory for businesses that engage in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, and sale of food products in India.

Q2: Why is FSSAI registration required?

A: FSSAI registration is required to ensure the safety and quality of food products sold in India. It helps to regulate the food industry and protect the health of consumers.

Q3: What is the cost of FSSAI registration in India?

A: The cost of FSSAI registration in India depends on the type of license required and the turnover of the business. The fees range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 7500.

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