Top 10 FSSAI Registration Consultants In Delhi

Top 10 FSSAI Registration Consultants In Delhi – If you run a company in Delhi’s food sector, you are aware of how important it is to adhere to the rules set out by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). All food enterprises in India must register with the FSSAI, and the procedure can be difficult and time-consuming. The top 10 FSSAI registration experts in Delhi can assist you with this, guiding you through the registration procedure and ensuring that you are conducting business lawfully and in conformity with the law.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the regulatory organization in charge of making sure that food items in India are both safe and of high quality. To function lawfully, any company involved in the food sector must adhere to the FSSAI laws. Yet, acquiring an FSSAI registration may be a lengthy and complicated procedure, which is why many firms seek help from FSSAI registration specialists.

List Of Top 10 Fssai Registration Consultants In Delhi

If you are aware of the necessity of FSSAI registration for your company, you must also be aware of how crucial it is to hire a professional. As a result, we have created a list of Delhi’s Top 10 FSSAI registration consultants. To save all the difficulty, these advisors are quite educated about the FSSAI registration procedure and standards.

1. Legal Hub India

Legal Hub India Logo

The most well-known and trustworthy candidate on the list of the top 10 FSSAI registration consultants in Delhi is Legal Hub India. For all of your concerns regarding G.S.T., Income Tax, Audit, T.D.S., Outsourcing Accounting, FSSAI Licenses, Company Registration, Corporate Compliance, Beginning a Business, Trademarks, ISO Certifications, Secured, and Unsecured Loans, we provide a one-stop solution.

The team at Legal Hub India is made up of highly skilled experts with years of expertise in their specialized industries. Our staff closely collaborates with clients to comprehend their particular demands and offer tailored solutions. We hope to build enduring connections with our clients and serve as their reliable counsel.

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We are committed to offering our clients the best solutions available. Our staff is committed to providing top-notch services and guaranteeing total client satisfaction. We adhere firmly to moral principles and make sure that all of our services are provided promptly and affordably. We also provide FSSAI Registration in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Punjab, UP, Chennai to name a few.

Contact Details:

Name: Legal Hub India

Address: 1782, M.L.A. Road, Rajpura(Punjab) – 140401

Phone: +91 96460-01340

2. Jahazgarhia Consultant Pvt. Ltd

Located in Delhi, India, Jahazgarhia Consultants Pvt Ltd is a top service provider for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) License & Registration. In order to obtain FSSAI registration, they offer consulting services to all FBOs, importers of food products, caterers, restaurants, hotels, retailers, wholesalers of food products, food processing units, food manufacturers, exporters, kirana shops, and other organizations involved in the supply chain for food products.

Address: Office No – 7, Block 8, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110065

3.  Get License

Get License is the best FSSAI registration consultant in Delhi.  They provide comprehensive flagged services. They simplify and streamline the license registration procedure. Their offerings are both dependable and reasonably priced. Before informing you of the registration procedure, they are aware of your company’s needs and the nature of the services. Also, they assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation.

Address: C – 70, Street Number 1, Block C 2, Bhajanpura, Tukhmirpur, Delhi, 110053

4. Kaz Media

A well-known FSSAI registration consultant in Delhi is Kaz Media. They provide a range of services, including FSSAI registration, food license renewal, and food safety audits, to assist businesses in adhering to FSSAI requirements. Without ever leaving the house, one may generate, verify, and receive legitimate legal papers with Kaz Media. It is as easy as placing an online order.

Address: A-6, Tower, 07, New Moti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

5. IP Practice

FSSAI registration services are provided by IP Practice, a platform for legal services, in Delhi. They provide customers with strategic advice on all facets of intellectual property as a full-service legal company with a staff of over 100 attorneys that focus only on business law and license.

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IP Practice assists both small enterprises and large multinational organizations in understanding and utilizing their intellectual property rights since they are aware of current developments in the worldwide market. To ensure a simple and straightforward registration procedure, they offer end-to-end services.

Address: 3rd Floor, TRIVENI COMPLEX, OFFICE NO 307, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092

6. Finemate Consultants

In the areas of non-profit/business consulting, information technology, and education, Finemate Consultants (P) Ltd. has blazed a trail. Its national presence has dismantled cultural and geographic barriers, enabling its customers to manage significant NGO and technology initiatives, streamline company operations, and maximize return on investment.

In Delhi, Finemate Consultants is a reputable FSSAI registration consultant. They provide the most dependable services, such as FSSAI registration, food license renewal, and food safety audits, to assist businesses in adhering to FSSAI requirements.

Address: Plot number – 104/11, First Floor, Savitri Sadan-1, Preet Vihar, Delhi, 110092

7. Bizgrow Consulting

In 2015, BizGrow Consulting LLP was established with the goal of giving start-up businesses management consulting services in the most effective and affordable methods possible. They collaborate with a number of CAs, CSs, and attorneys who have the skills and expertise to offer services in financial planning, direct taxation, goods and services tax, corporate law, trade mark, and copyrights, agreement drafting, bookkeeping and accounting, company secretarial, legal advice, etc.

Legal drafting is another service offered by Bizgrow Consulting for specialized contracts such as shareholders agreements, share purchase agreements, share transfer agreements, assignment deeds, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, etc.

Address: Bizgrow Consulting LLP, G-250A, behind Sector 3 and 4 Petrol Pump, Vishwas Park, Dwarka, Delhi, 110059

8. Unnati Consultancy

One of the top companies offering various types of certification services is Unnati Consulting Service. They are supported in providing these services by a skilled and knowledgeable workforce with a creative work ethic, patience, and the desire to serve the clients indefinitely. These services, which are quite genuine, encourage their customers to obtain different quality certificates in order to satisfy the requirements of the particular project. They provide quality examinations and certification for a wide range of industrial and commercial goods.

Address: 303/389, South ex Tower, South Extension II, Masjid Moth Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

9. Legal Tax

A technology-driven platform called Legal Tax offers legal services in Delhi and throughout India. They are here to offer a range of services, including the incorporation of various businesses, legal paperwork, and yearly compliances. They offer a variety of services, including incorporation, accounting, paperwork, government filings, and yearly compliances.

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Also, they provide a wide range of services to private clients, including property contracts and tax filings. Its goal is to make it simple for people and businesses to access all of their legal and professional needs.

Address: Plot No-44, Block B-10, Pocket-II, Sector-13, Dwarka, New Delhi, Pocket 2, Delhi, 110075

10. LegalDocs

LegalDocs is a well-known provider of legal services in Delhi. They offer FSSAI registration services to help businesses comply with FSSAI regulations. These services provide you with a canvas on which to use your imagination to solve legal and commercial issues. By describing legal services for launching and running their firms, they place a priority on supporting fledgling companies and entrepreneurs.

Address: 16/8, near Gandhi Medicos behind Agarwal sweets, old rajendra nagar, New Delhi


In conclusion, gaining FSSAI certification is essential for every company operating in the Indian food sector. The aforementioned FSSAI registration experts in Delhi may assist companies with FSSAI registration and FSSAI regulatory compliance. It is advised to pick a consultant based on their qualifications, standing, and level of expertise.

Frequently asked questions about FSSAI registration consultants in Delhi
Q1: Why do I need an FSSAI registration consultant?

Obtaining FSSAI registration can be a complex and time-consuming process. FSSAI registration consultants can help you navigate the process and ensure that your business is in compliance with FSSAI regulations.

Q2: what are the types of FSSAI registration?

The FSSAI registration process is dependent on production capacity, business kinds, and turnover. FBOs may be eligible for licenses such as a basic license, central license, or state license depending on installed capacity and turnover.

  • FSSAI Basic Registration – FBOs that do business with less than Rs. 12 lakh per year must register with the FSSAI. To get FSSAI basic registration, the applicant must complete Form A of the FSSAI registration form.
  • FSSAI State License – FBOs must acquire a state license from the FSSAI if their annual revenue is higher than Rs. 12 lacks but less than Rs. 20 crores. Form B is the FSSAI registration form that must be completed by the applicant in order to get an FSSAI state license.
  • FSSAI Central License – FBOs are required to get an FSSAI central license if their annual revenue exceeds Rs. 20 crores. Form B is the FSSAI registration form that the applicant must complete in order to receive an FSSAI central license.
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