PF ESI Consultant in Surat

The PF ESI registration is a demanding job that takes a lot of time, expertise, and experience. Considering the complexity of the job many company owners prefer leaving it over to a PF ESI Consultant in Surat. If you are willing to know the procedure, required documents, and the advantages of this process, carry on reading.

Procedure for PF & ESI Registration

This is a four-step procedure that includes the following:

First, you tell the consultants about your company by filling out their simple PF & ESI registration questionnaire. Also, you will have to submit the necessary documents.

Step two is verification. After you submit the PF & ESI registration documents, consultants will verify those papers.

The next step is submitting the Application to PF & ESIC. You need to fill out and submit various applications. You do not even have to worry about filling out those forms since the consultants will fill these by using the data you initially provided.

In the final step, the PF ESI Consultant in Surat will send you the EPF & ESIC Registration license. Also, they will send you the login credentials to your email address.

Documents Required

For Directors/ Partners/Proprietors the required documents are a copy of their PAN Card, a Copy of their Aadhaar Card, a Mobile Number and Email ID, and a DSC of any one Director (Signatory for EPF & ESIC).

Documents required for Entity/ Company include a copy of PAN card. However, it is not required in the case of a proprietorship firm, address proof, for example, COI/ Shop & Establishment License, MOA/ AOA, Cancelled Cheque with preprinted name & a/c no, Certificate of Registration (GST), employee details and their Salary details, Signature Card, and Balance Sheets of last 3 years. The last documents are only required if the company incorporated date and date of coverage in PF/ESI are not the same.

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Lastly, the documents/forms that all employees should sign for office records include EPF Form 11, EPF Form 2, and ESIC Declaration form.

Advantages of ESI

  • You get comprehensive medical benefits
  • It covers the dependents as well
  • You can use this at different ESI dispensaries, hospitals, etc.
  • Any payments you have made will be refunded
  • It covers the needs of the disabled as well
  • You get Medical care facilities in ESI Dispensaries/Hospitals

The advantages of EPF and ESI include Tax-free earnings and financial security. Another benefit is a long-term investment for employees along with pension, and insurance after retirement. Contact a PF ESI Consultant in Surat, to know more.

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