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ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and is an independent body that aims to develop standards to reinforce the quality, safety, as well as efficiency of products and services delivered by businesses or organizations. ISO Certification is done to certify your businesses or organizations with the necessary ISO standards to ensure the efficacy of products or services. If you want to get ISO Certification, this is not a big deal these days because it can be easily done with some clicks on the internet. Furthermore, an ISO Consultant in Jaipur will help you throughout the entire procedure. Take a look at some relevant details in the following passages.

ISO Certification and its Advantages:

  • This Certification can level up your company by boosting the efficiency of your processes.
  • It helps reduce work-associated risks and environmental threats to your company or business.
  • It contributes to balancing energy consumption by encouraging cost-saving in the company.
  • It helps meet all the needs of the customers.
  • It takes care of environmental, health, and safety measures in companies.
  • It provides a base for the efficient delivery of products and services.

The Procedure for ISO Certification in Jaipur

1. The first step is to choose an internationally accredited certification body to help you get that certificate. The entity should meet all the requirements of ISO Accreditation.

2. Then an application will be created mentioning all the rights and obligations. These will be kept confidential between the applicant and the registrar.

3. In the next step, the ISO auditor will review the relevant documentation associated with different procedures followed in your business.

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4. The auditors will check for identifying gaps. If any gaps are detected, you will have to develop an action plan to remove these gaps.

5. After that, there will be initial certification audits performed which will be later followed by:

Step I – In this step, the auditors will carefully check the rectifications made in your company as per the requirements.

Step II – Here the auditor will perform the final audit for the certification.

6. Before making a report and sending it to the registrar the auditors will approve all your processes. Once that is done, they will grant you the ISO certification.

Talking to an ISO Consultant in Jaipur will help you learn more about this procedure.

Types of ISO Certification in Jaipur

1) ISO 9001:2015 Certification

2) ISO 13485 Certification

3) ISO 14001:2015 /EMS

4) ISO 18001:2017 / OHSAS

5) ISO 21001 Certification

6) ISO 22000 :2005 / HACCP

7) ISO 27001:2013 / ISMS

8) ISO 45001 Certification

9) ISO 50001 Certification

10) GMP Certification

11) HALAL Certification

12) CE Certification (European Conformity)

Documents Required for ISO Certification

Proof of Company Registration

The business needs to submit the company registration proof such as a Trademark Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation (COI), Udyam Aadhaar Registration GST Certificate, or MSME Registration Certificate.

Company’s Visiting Card or Letterhead

The business needs to submit the company’s letterhead or Authorised Person’s visiting Card.

Nature of the Business

The business should mention the type of business or business activity for which the ISO Certification is required.

The Sales or Purchase Bill

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The business should submit the latest Sale or Purchase bill to ensure that it is currently serving the people of India.

How to apply For an ISO certificate

  • Present the necessary documents and details to the relevant website so that the ISO Consultants in Jaipur can reach you soon.
  • Submit the documents online.
  • Make the payment to start the process.
  • You will get your ISO certificate as soon as possible.

ISO Consultants in Jaipur are experts in this field and take pride in their deep knowledge regarding the ISO Standard application, required documents, and the set formats as per rules and regulations, that you may not be well aware of. Therefore, leave it over to them and have peace of mind.

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