PF ESI Consultant in Bangalore

If your HR team is small or your existing HR team is already loaded, handling the PF and ESI of your employees can be pretty difficult. But do not worry since you have a smarter option at this point and that is hiring a PF ESI consultant in Bangalore. By doing this, you not only relieve your HR officials but also get an expert hand at your rescue. A highly experienced and professional consultant always stays updated with all the latest regulations related to PF and ESIC which means you have nothing to worry about. Know more in this regard in the following passages.

Documents Required For PF ESI Registration

Documents for Employers

For Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor:

  • Photo Copy of PAN Card
  • Photo Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Any Director’s DSC (Signatory for EPF & ESIC)

Documents For Entity/ Company:

  • Photo Copy of PAN card. However, this is not needed if it is a proprietorship firm.
  • Address proof which can be a COI or a Shop and Establishment License.
  • MOA/ AOA
  • Cancelled Cheque carrying preprinted name and account number.
  • Registration Certificate (GST)
  • Employee details including salary details.
  • Signature Card.
  • Balance Sheets for the last three years. This is applicable if the company incorporated date and date of coverage in PF/ESI differ from each other.

Documents/forms All Employees Need to Sign for Office Records:

These forms include the following:

  • EPF Form 2
  • EPF Form 11
  • ESIC Declaration form

PF ESI consultant in Bangalore will help you get further details in this regard.

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What is the Eligibility of PF & ESI Registration

  • Organizations with an employee count exceeding 20 members must do a PF registration. The employees with a salary less than Rs 15000/- should be a member of EPFO.
  • ESI registration is a mandatory step for all businesses with an employee count exceeding 10 employees.

Steps for PF & ESI Registration

This combo procedure involves five necessary steps as follows:

Step 1: Obtaining PF and ESI Registration

Establishments and factories should register themselves within 15 days of the Act becoming applicable to them. They need to submit an Employer’s Registration Form to the Regional Office.

Step 2: OTP Verification

Once the online form is completed and submitted online, the applicant will get an OTP PIN that will be sent through the applicant’s registered email ID and mobile number. This OTP will be verified by the consultant before activating the establishment login.

Step 3: Registration Certificate

After the registration is done the department will allot the EPF & ESIC registration certificate. They will also send the login credentials via the registered email ID.

Step 4: Employee Registration

Once the login credentials are acquired, employees should register in EPF and ESIC portals as stated in the registration form. This is necessary to get the UAN number as well as the Insurance number.

Step 5: Monthly Returns Filing

Establishments should file a monthly return before the 15th day of the upcoming month.

Why Hire a PF ESI Consultant in Bangalore

Considering the complexities involved in PF ESI registration it seems to be largely advantageous to appoint a PF and ESIC consultant. PF and ESI – both of these are part of government directives regarding employment. Deducting a certain amount from the employee’s salary for PF and ESIC is the company’s and employees’ responsibility. Right from the day an employee is appointed, these two aspects come into force. These should not be ignored.

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At this point, hiring a PF ESI consultant in Bangalore will bring you great relief. You won’t have to keep track of every latest changes and updates made in this regard. Not even you will have to check the accuracy of deductions made for PF or ESIC or both. You can rest assured that the professional consultants will take care of it.

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