PF ESI Consultant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

The Government of India introduced the ESI scheme to offer workers financial, medical, as well as other facilities. On the other hand, The Employees’ Provident Fund aka the PF is known as a social security scheme. This enables employees to keep aside an amount of their wages for future amenities. If you are an employer in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, looking to complete the ESI & PF registration process in your organisation, contact a trusted and experienced PF ESI Consultant in Baddi. They will get it done in a stress-free and hassle-free way. Willing to know more about how these experts can help you out? Scroll through the following passages.

Know the PF & ESI Registration Procedure

Let the experts know about your company – You need to fill out their PF and ESI registration questionnaire and submit the required documents as well so that the consultants can know your company in a better way.

Verification – Once you submit your PF and ESI registration documents, they will verify all the details provided by you.

Submission Application to PF & ESIC – You will have to fill out and submit different application forms. Well, you won’t have to take that stress since the consultants will fill those forms using the data that you have provided in the first place.

Your work is now almost done – In this step, the experts will send you the EPF and ESIC Registration license besides the login credentials via your email ID.

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Necessary Documents for PF & ESI Registration for Employers

Papers Required For Directors, Partners, or Proprietors:

Mobile Number, Email ID, PAN Card Copy, Aadhaar Card Copy, DSC of any one Director – these are the necessary documents. A PF ESI Consultant in Baddi will provide you with complete guidance in this regard.

Necessary Documents for Entity or Company:

Entities or Companies will have to provide documents including a copy of their PAN card which is not required for proprietorship firms, address proof which could be a COI or a Shop & Establishment License, MOA/ AOA, Cancelled Cheque with preprinted name and account number, Certificate of Registration (GST), Employees Details including salary, signature card, and Balance Sheets of last 3 years which is applicable if the company incorporated date and date of coverage in PF/ESI do not match.

Documents all employees should sign for office records

These forms include EPF Form 11, EPF Form 2, and ESIC Declaration form.

Advantages of ESI

ESI benefits include complete medical benefits, it covers dependents, applicants can use this in various ESI dispensaries and hospitals, and any type of payment will be refunded as well. It also covers the requirements of the disabled while providing access to Medical care in ESI Dispensaries/Hospitals.

EPF Benefits

PF benefits include tax-free earnings which means the Interest on PF is without tax at maturity or after 5 years. There will be financial security related to retirement, resignation, or if there is any loss of income. The other benefits include a long-term investment for employees and pension as well as Insurance after retirement.

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This is not the end. PF and ESI registration is a pretty comprehensive process that requires various other things to take care of. Do not worry. A PF ESI Consultant in Baddi will handle it all on your behalf so you get complete peace of mind.

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