ISO Certification Registration in Bangalore

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. This is an independent entity that tends to level up standards to ensure the quality, security, and efficiency of the services or products provided by businesses or companies. ISO Certification Registration in Bangalore is done to certify your businesses or company with the necessary ISO standard for assuring effective products and services.

Well, in recent times, achieving ISO Certification is not a big deal and in fact, can be done online with some clicks. Moreover, experts are there to help.

Know The Process of ISO Certification in Bangalore

Firstly, you should choose a trusted certification body. Then an application will be created including all the rights and obligations. It will be kept confidential between both the applicant and the registrar.

After that, the ISO auditor will check the documentation associated with different procedures followed in your organization. They will check for gaps, and if there are any gaps, you will need to prepare an action plan to eliminate them. In the next stage, there will be initial certification audits followed by:

  • Stage I – Here the auditors will check the alternations made in your organisation as required.
  • Stage II – Here the auditor will perform the final audit for the certification.

If everything is fine, the auditors will approve all your processes before making a report and sending it to the registrar. They will then grant you the ISO certification.

Steps To Successfully obtain ISO certification in Bangalore

For organisations, getting an ISO certification is an easy and smart method to support their business. The simple ISO process can be put in 4 steps:

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STEP-1 – ISO Application Submission:

After selecting the right standards, you need to submit a request for ISO Certification Registration in Bangalore. This should carry the details of the Company, offices, units, number of employees working under the organization, legal status, processes, number of plants, etc.

STEP-2 – The ISO System Implementation:

This includes the Gap Analysis, along with awareness training, documentation, as well as Implementation. The company should prepare policies, procedures, and flowcharts of the operational procedure. The ISO System objectives need to be prepared and communicated to the company.

The relevant documents have to be prepared following the Clauses of ISO Standards while maintaining the records is important too. Management should perform a risk analysis to identify the risk factors along with the Corrective & Preventive actions (CAPA).

STEP-3 – ISO System Auditing:

After implementation, the Certification Body will audit your implemented system. They will thoroughly review the existing system and after that, they will prepare an audit report. Also, they will provide a certification recommendation letter to the Certification Body which will then officially issue the Certificate.

STEP-4 – Attaining ISO Certificate:

This is the last step where after clearing the Certification audit process, you will get the ISO Certificate for your Business. This Certificate will stay valid for 3 years and will be subjected to a surveillance audit every year since the CB needs you to maintain the system. The Certificate will be cancelled if failed to comply.

Documents Required for ISO Certification

The following documents are required for ISO Certification Registration in Bangalore:

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For ISO Registration:

  • The Business Registration Proof. Any of the below:
  • A letterhead or Visiting card of the business.
  • PAN Card Copy
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • GST Certificate
  • MSME Certificate or Udyam Adhaar
  • An invoice that includes details of the Sale Invoice, or Purchase Invoice.

For ISO implementation:

  • Scope of ISO Management System
  • Policies & Objectives
  • Criteria for assessment and selection of suppliers
  • Records of training, qualifications, skills, and experience
  • Review records of Product/service requirements
  • Monitoring & measurement outcomes
  • Internal Audit along with Management Review Meeting outcomes
  • Records of Corrective Action

For hassle-free ISO Certification Registration in Bangalore, you should contact a trusted legal service provider. With ISO Certification you can build brand authority for your business while building trust.

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