IEC Code Registration Fees in India

IEC Code Registration Fees in India – In today’s globalized world international trade is now an important part of economic development for many countries including India. The Government of India has enacted several laws and regulations to encourage systematic and controlled international trade. Importer Exporter Code Registration is one such requirement for companies engaged in import and export activity. In this article, we will go through the nuances of IEC Code Registration Fees in India, their importance, how to apply, and how much they will cost.

IEC Code Registration Fees in IndiaIf you intend to start an import and export company from India then you have to follow several procedures and laws for registration and licensing. In short, an IEC code is required to open a business, and you may be interested to know how much the IEC code costs. Come with Legal Hub India provides a detailed description of the Import-Export License Fee in India.

What is an Import Export License Code?

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, issues an Importer Exporter Code (IEC), a ten-digit unique code. For organizations or individuals engaged in cross-border commerce of goods and services, it serves as an identification number. IEC is essential for any business transaction involving customs officials, whether you are importing or exporting goods.

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Top Benefits of  Import Export Code Registration in India

Any person or organization engaged in cross-border commercial activity in India has to be registered with IEC. Obtaining an IEC code offers a number of advantages that can make a big impact on the growth and reputation of companies involved in international trade. The following are the main benefits of registering for the Indian Import-Export Code:

Facilitating International Trade – The main purpose of obtaining an IEC code is to allow companies to carry out import and export operations. It serves as a unique identification for merchants which is accepted by the customs authorities and other government organizations. 

Easy Customs Clearance Process – Having an IEC code makes it easy to clear customs for imports and exports. The use of the code is helpful in expediting the process of tracking and examining cargo by the customs authorities.

Building Credibility and Trust –  In the eyes of foreign customers and partners, an IEC code enhances the reputation and credibility of a company. It shows that the company complies with all the legal norms for doing foreign business.

Enabling import of products – In order to clear customs and import products into India, companies require an IEC code. The IEC code is necessary for customs officials to identify the importer and guarantee the integrity of any shipment.

What are the IEC Code Registration Fees in India?

Applicants should be aware of specific charges associated with IEC code registration. Registration in India IEC code registration fee is as follows:

  • For Individuals and Partnership Firms: INR 500
  • For Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships: INR 500
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Government fee is subject to change, therefore applicants must verify the latest fee schedule on the official DGFT website or with the appropriate authorities.

Why Choose Legal Hub India for IEC Code Registration in India?

For enterprises in India to engage in international trade, obtaining an IEC code is an important condition. DGFT issues a special ten-digit IEC code, which enables companies to carry out import and export operations. The IEC code registration process can be challenging, time-consuming, and complicated. Many organizations turn to specialized service providers like Legal Hub India to streamline the process and guarantee a seamless experience. Following are the benefits of choosing us at Legal Hub India if you are looking to obtain IEC code registration in India –

  • Expertise and Experience
  • Comprehensive understanding of IEC regulations
  • Time efficient process
  • Transparent pricing
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Online facility
  • Additional services
  • Reputation and testimonials


In conclusion, choosing Legal Hub India for IEC code registration fees in India offers several benefits to companies, including knowledge of international trade laws, a streamlined process, dedicated customer support, open pricing, and convenience of services. Businesses can focus on their core operations while knowing that Legal Hub India is handling the IEC code registration process, giving them peace of mind. The expert services of Legal Hub India can help any small or large business make a smooth and fruitful introduction to the world of international business.

FAQ About IEC Code Registration Fees in India

Q  – Does the IEC code registration cost the same for all the applicants?

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A – The registration fee for the IEC code is generally the same for all applicants. No matter what type of organization or individual applies for an IEC code, the registration cost is often a set amount.

Q – How long does it take after applying to get the IEC code?

A – The process of obtaining the IEC code takes only a few moments. It generally takes 1 to 2 working days to receive the IEC code once the complete application is submitted.

Q – Does the IEC code have any validity period?

A – Once the IEC code is issued it does not have any validity or expiry time. This is a permanent number that cannot be canceled or surrendered.

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