FSSAI Registration In Delhi

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) registration, aka the Food License, is a compulsory license for people involved in food businesses in Delhi. The FSSAI is an independent organisation that is established under the FSS (Food Safety and Standard) Act, 2006. The aim of this organization is to regulate and develop food product standards in India.

In Delhi, the Department of Food Safety is accountable for the implementation of the provisions of the FSS Act as well as rules. The Food Safety Commissioner of Delhi is the head of the Department of Food Safety in Delhi. The department is responsible for regulating or prohibiting the sale, manufacturing, distribution and storage of food elements that are low-grade, unsafe or falsely branded.

Types of FSSAI Registration in Delhi

There are basically three types of FSSAI registration in Delhi depending on the annual turnover as well as the production capacity, as follows:

FSSAI Basic Registration: All Food Business Operators (FBOs) with annual income below Rs.12 lakh must apply for FSSAI Basic Registration in Form-A. This registration will be granted by the designated officer notified by the Food Safety Commissioner in Delhi.

FSSAI State Registration: All FBOs with annual income above Rs.12 lakh and below Rs.20 crore should apply for FSSAI State Registration in Form-B. This registration will be granted by the office of the Food Safety Commissioner in Delhi.

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FSSAI Central Registration: All FBOs with annual income above Rs.2 crore should apply for FSSAI Central Registration in Form-B. This registration will be granted by the Central FSSAI authority.

How to Get an FSSAI License in Delhi?

The online process to get FSSAI registration/license is as mentioned below:

  • Visit the FoSCoS portal.
  • Click the ‘Apply License/Registration’ option on the home page.
  • Click on the state as ‘Delhi’ in the dropdown list.
  • Select the applicable options named ‘Trade/Retail’, ‘Manufacturer’, or ‘Food Services’ that seem to be relevant to your food business.
  • Select the production capacity or food business income and click the ‘Proceed’ button.
  • On the next page, select ‘Click here to apply for registration for all businesses’ or select ‘Click here to apply for State License for all businesses’.
  • Enter the required details in the registration form, and then upload the necessary documents and pay the fees before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • After submitting the FSSAI registration form, the central/state FSSAI authorities will inspect it. Once the FSSAI authorities are satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements of the FSS Act, they will issue the FSSAI registration or license.

Documents To Submit for Delhi FSSAI Registration

The documents that you need to submit for FSSAI Basic Registration are as follows:

  • Photo identity proof.
  • Address proof of your food business.
  • Proof of your owned business premises.
  • Food business constitution certificate.
  • Details regarding the nature of business.
  • A list of food articles/products that are processed or manufactured.

The documents you need to submit for FSSAI State License are as mentioned below:

  • .Address proof of your foodName, number, used horsepower, record as well as equipment and machinery set-up capacity.
  • List along with contact details of all the members, partners, directors or business executives.
  • ID proof along with address proof of the partners, authorised signatories, proprietors, directors, etc.
  • Evaluation report of water used in produced food items from a recognised or trusted public health laboratory.
  • Filled and signed Form-B business.
  • The food processing unit layout.
  • Proof of your business premises.
  • Certificate of food business constitution.
  • List of food items to be processed or manufactured.
  • Authority letter from the manufacturer, along with the responsible person’s name and address details.
  • NOC from the manufacturer.
  • Certificate of Food safety management system or plan.
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Benefits Of Food Safety Registration In Delhi

FSSAI is a government organisation operating to have better control over the food production quality in India. Since it administers affairs through different legal guidelines as well as regulations, the food businesses are found to be compliant with them so that they can operate securely. FSSAI registration can allow businesses to have several benefits including:

  • Ensured food product safety through regular checkups and constant surveillance.
  • Businesses can have hassle-free access to things like credit facilities, import/expose licenses, and foreign currency loans.
  • Better protection against vendor malpractices in the businesses such as product adulteration, low-quality raw material, etc.
  • Improved export activities.
  • Better contracts from the government and private sectors because of brand name recognition given by FSSAI registration.
  • If all FSS act compliance is followed, you will get legal protection from authorities.

FSSAI Registration Process Step By Step

An upgraded FSSAI-FosCOS web application introduced by FSSAI now allows easy filling and submission of food registration and licensing applications. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

Step 1 – Applying for FSSAI Registration

Submit the application on the FosCos Portal according to the nature of your business and then fill in all the required details of the respective form A. Fill in form B if it is about state and central licensing depending on the requirement of FBOs.

Step 2 – Inspection by the FSSAI Authorities

After acceptance or rejection of the application, the authorities might order an inspection of the premises.

Step 3 – Approval

After the document verification and business premise inspection, the relevant authority will grant approval for issuing FSSAI registration or license as per the nature of the business.

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Step 4 – Issuing FSSAI License/Registration

After the approval is granted, FSSAI will issue a license/registration certification with a unique 14-digit number that will be displayed during business hours and should be printed on all the product packaging.

Final Words

An FSSAI registration/license is a must for manufacturing, distributing, exporting, importing and storing food items. Also, it is necessary for opening and running a food business in Delhi.

The Food Safety Department keeps an eye on the food market in Delhi. When a Food Business Operator does not match the standards under the FSS Act and rules, it will face a penalty or prosecution. That is why all food business operators in Delhi should get FSSAI registration and also follow the standards determined by the FSS Act and rules.


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