AD Code Registration Delhi Customs

Exporters and importers in Delhi need to register their Authorised Dealer (AD) Code as well as Bank Account(s) for remittances and export benefits at every Customs station. While it is a one-time process, it seeks physical interaction between the Customs and the trade and you also need to submit the physical documents. AD Code Registration in Delhi Customs is a must for the Import or Export shipment to accomplish legal requirements/documents for customs port clearance.

Willing to learn more? If you are looking for a quick guide to AD code registration on the ICEGATE process in Delhi, this post has got you covered! Read to the end.

What is AD Code Registration

AD Code Registration means registering your export business for customs clearance so that your commodities cross international borders. Once authorized dealer code registration is done by the bank where you have your current business account, you will receive an AD code letter with a 14-digit code. This AD code letter can be acquired once exporters register for an ICE-import export code through DGFT.

How AD Code Registration on ICEGATE is done

Here’s how AD Code registration on the ICEGATE website is done:

First, you will have to log in to the ICEGATE website using login credentials.

On the left panel, click on “Bank Account Management.”

On the page named Export Promotion Bank Account Management, click “AD Code Registration.”

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Choose “Authorized Dealer Code Registration” and next, click “Submit” to access the AD Code Bank Account Registration dashboard. Use the “Add Account” option at the dashboard bottom if your locations have not been registered yet.

Fill in the necessary details such as location, bank name, and AD Code. Then upload the required documents as mentioned on the website.

Once documents are uploaded, you’ll receive an image reference number (IRN) as well as a document reference number (DRN).

After you enter the valid details, click on “Save Change.” You’ll receive a six-digit OTP on your email ID and mobile.

Once the OTP is verified, your bank account modification request will be sent to ICEGATE for approval. Once approved, the bank account details will be visible on your AD code dashboard.

There will be a one-time fee that the exporter will have to pay. However, remember that AD code registration fees vary from state to state. Also, note that they don’t come under government fees.

Thus, following these above-mentioned steps will help you register your AD Code on the ICEGATE platform without any hassle.

AD Code Registration Process

Here is the AD Code Registration Process:

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations eligible for obtaining an AD Code include import-export businesses, people engaged in foreign investments, as well as foreign exchange transactions as per regulatory guidelines.

Types of Transactions Requiring AD Code

AD Code is necessary for different transactions including imports and exports, foreign investments, remittances, etc. Different types of transactions require different categories of AD codes.

Application Submission

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The AD Code registration process entails submitting an AD code application to the authorized dealer (AD) bank. The application generally requires details regarding the business, its transactions, and its purpose of getting the AD Code.

Verification and Issuance

Once the application submission is done, the authorized dealer will verify the provided data and documentation. After that, the AD Code will be issued to the applicant. This code will become the unique identifier of the entity during foreign exchange transactions.

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